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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 PM  ABC  January 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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morning. liz: some of us could feel like the early morning hours tomorrow. right now, temperatures already beginning to fall. temperatures falling fast. even fayetteville at 35. we will can -- temperatures will continue to head down. 2:00 in the morning, we could be down from there. out. even colder in our northern counties. mostly clear. very cold tonight. the wind not helping us out at all, five to 10 miles per hour. that will make it feel a little winds were calm. the cold weather will stick around for a wild. believe it or not, tonight, it will likely be the coldest air
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anna: the one thing you can do to prepare for this gold is download the first alert weather app. it will alert you should any freeze, watches or warnings pop up. the app is free on google play. steve: for the families of three teenagers, there's no comfort knowing the driver who ran down their kids is still out there on the road tonight. on saturday night, jennifer sharp's life stop shortly from her home. nicole carr shows us how a 14-year-old survivor is doing now. nicole: these kids were a quarter-mile from home. that is next to another gas station. they had just come from the bp down the street because they had candy. home.
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quarter-mile from home saturday night. a group of five teens walking along highway 421 from the bp station and harnett county. >> they whizzed by and i never heard any breaks. i heard a flood -- a thud and then the truck got back on the road and hit the gas and kept going. nicole: leaving just a sharp and another friend in tragedy. they had been hit and killed instantly. 14-year-old stephen daniels was left injured. >> i don't know. a time machine?
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thing. >> any piece of information that you can remember about the vehicle and know about the vehicle, please help us to find this person. it won't bring our daughter back, but perhaps it will help another family. steve: all but one of eight inmates sent to the hospital for a drug overdose treatment are back in the harnett correctional institution. we first reported the story over the weekend. detectives believe synthetic marijuana is to blame. but how those drugs got into the prison remains a mystery. anna: we have heard of the arrests of people leaving children in cars during the summer.
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behind in the chilly weather -- but a raleigh mother is accused of leaving her infant daughter behind in the chilly weather. ed: while leaving a child behind in a cold car is and concern, just leaving a child an attendant, especially at two months old, could land you hear behind bars. this happened saturday night in southeast raleigh. the police say they were called because of a rowdy crowd in the streets. that is when they discovered a two-month-old girl in a car with the window cracked, the car turned off, and surrounded by alcoholic beverages. the mother was found near bar -- nearby interested. mother was found nearby and arrested.
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not clear whether the child was taken by the grandmother or by a foster home. neighbors say she hasn't lived there in a year. unless she posts her $14,000 bond tonight, she will face a judge for the first time mara afternoon. anna: -- tomorrow afternoon for the first time. anna: the duke energy center for performing arts, a musical celebration is going on. this is honoring the life and legacy of dr. martin luther king. this is a big finale for all of the day's event hosted by the triangle dr. king committee. every year, a national performance, tim rogers. the free event continues until 8:00. john clark is back again this year.
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volunteers from nc university and united way. they are collecting food for the n.c. central food pantry in making planted -- and making blankets. abc11 together highlighting the book drive by a group called book harvest and seed. these volunteers gathered in central park, rounding up books for triangle kids you need them. abc11 and disney donated 1000 new novels to the cause. nearly 63,000 bucks have been delivered since 2011. anna: in fayetteville, a special service honoring the dangerous work of first responders. police, firefighters, a miss workers and service members
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expo center for the 23rd annual mlk breakfast. congratulations and thank you for all you do. joel: full of great mlk events all across the area. steve: a new railroad hub coming to johnston county but not everyone is all aboard. >> i have lived here 58 years. there is no price on my property. this is my life. steve: this woman's land could be taken away. we will take a look at the chances she has a fighting that
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reporter: whose family has lived on this land for 150 to 200 years. >> i don't know what is going to become of our life. reporter: inset of farm equipment, horses and the like, he and others will look at their windows and see boxcars stacked high as that of the stars, they will see the lights of the rail yard. for him, it will be an unwelcome change. for edwards, it will force an unwanted move. >> of course, they will give me some compensation. it won't be what i want because it is not what i want. reporter: is not for sale. >> you cannot replace the heritage of these farms. reporter: the company claims it will create 300 temporary jobs and 1500 permanent jobs and save taxpayers $20 million in highway maintenance.
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state, but folks here, much too high a cost. anna: you can really feel their frustration. you will no longer need to leave the sand to get the food you want. every day, one meal and one snack vendor can set up their food truck, tent or table. it can generate as much as $8,000 a year and maybe even more than that if the chautauqua's are good. steve: and then you don't -- if the shrimp tacos are good. steve: and then you don't have
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steve: carolina panthers fans are getting the last laugh after one celebrities's -- celebrity's wrong production. as we know, sunday's game did not go his way with the panthers winning 31-24. afterwards, the panthers twitter account tweeted -- a direct reference. wilson appears to be taking the joke well. joe mazur will be there on sunday. we are the panthers and station. we are there every step of the way. panthers now one win away from super bowl.
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hopefully, we are part of their good luck charm since we have been with them all season. yesterday watching the game, it was so sunny and shirley and so nasty around here. liz: it was. we have had our share of your going whether the last couple of weeks. but we are going to get called for a couple of days. 30 degrees at our first look weather station. many other areas are already in the 20's. all of us are going to be seeing big chills. not what they're seeing up to the north. look at lavelle, already 17 degrees. these temperatures will be see later on this evening.
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nothing really happening from the mountains to the coast. we will stay clear and cool on that long. not only will we be dropping to the teens, but the windchill will feel like the single digits. rains no chance also possible -- rain and snow chance also possible later in the week. first, we have to get through the bitter cold. many people always forget that usually the coldest time of the overnight hours is actually right around sunrise tomorrow morning. that is when we will feel some of the coldest temperatures. unfortunately, a lot of you will likely have to return to work. hopefully, he had today off and got to enjoy it inside just a bit. but tomorrow, 16 by some :00 am a 22 by 10:00. -- 16 by 7:00, and 22:00 by --
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36 in stamford. 35 expected in goldsboro. we will continue to get that arctic blast off of these northwesterly winds, especially tomorrow. high pressure builds in. at least it keeps us very sunny and clear. we have precipitation -- if we have precipitation moving through these temperatures, we would have a much larger problem. a an area of snow showers will hit our mountain areas. as cold front is trailing. this is going to fall apart a bit as it starts to move off towards north carolina wednesday night into early thursday morning. the good news is that we really shouldn't be seeing as much snow as a mountains. but we could see a light snow shower or a sprinkle possibly a flurry passing through some of our triangle counties to the north about 11:00 at night. clearing on thursday.
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we could possibly see more moisture return to the upper levels of the atmosphere friday and saturday as temperatures continue to drop down. we will likely see some snow showers around here. it certainly looks like we could see some decent snow showers into saturday morning. first, we have to get through this. anna: snow showers. we hauled -- we all heard that. ok. bounce back. mark: this is not the usual.
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and mark: one playoff rematch down another debt ahead for the panthers. there is work left to do with arizona now between them in the super bowl. what a game it was to cover yesterday and what a game to watch. cam man crew playing before a deafening crowd.
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which hardly seemed real. russell wilson started spinning that special brand of russell wilson golden yard. vintage n.c. state magic came down. what a play by thomas davis who did not wait. he went up and got it. a team hover board ban. >> i caught them dry grazing in the highways -- the hallways. we don't want them running around. we are trying to limit their exposure to injury. >> you are one game closer to super bowl. i think it is every man's dream to play in it. when you first lay set the cleats, you want to play in the big game. we have an opportunity to do that. mark: trey boston was among the panthers savoring the moment at
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he led the bank of america crowd in the singing of "sweet caroline." >> sweet carolina goes back for me all the way to freshman year. being able to sing that song, even the colors. five seconds, 10 seconds off cue. i'm not going to lie. but it made it. mark: carolina folks celebrating a special day tonight. the dome turned 30 today. it opened and blue devils. carolina eventually won 95-90 two. warren martin scored the first tar heel look at -- tar heel
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duke down to 20th. they will try to avoid their third straight acc loss tonight. the duke women fell out of the top 25 for the first time since 1999 this week. extra pressure on them in this evening. we close with a congratulations to the duke coach you will be among the end of these -- the inductees in alabama. congratulations to him. it must be a great deal growing up in the state the way he did and having the success he has had a. anna: that she has had. anna: that is our report tonight -- the way he did and having the
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steve: we will see you back your at 11:00 good night. with 20 megs of internet speed from centurylink, a family of four can all be online at the same time, streaming, gaming, or downloading movies. yeah, the internet's great, but i think hair and makeup went a little too far. yeah, that's not working. i much prefer the two-day beard, horn-rimmed glasses,
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yeah, i miss the rumpled crazy uncle look. okay. be "paul giamatti." that's the essence of this role. feel like a hollywood insider
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breaking news tonight. taking sides. donald trump taking aim at ted cruz. >> he's a nasty guy. nobody likes him. >> but tonight, key conservatives come out with their own message for trump. and hillary clinton and bernie sanders in a fierce battle for iowa tonight. the new fallout after those
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the dangerous commute.
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